Zubler has been active in the international market for dental appliance technology since 1978. Developing and producing electronics and mechanical systems ourselves enables us to manufacture innovative, tailor-made appliances from a single source. The name Zubler innovative dental products stands for individual customer support and high flexibility in adapting to the most diverse needs in dental laboratories.
The Restructuring in the dental field coupled with the increasingly important customer contact ultimately led to us actively entering the market with our own brand name in 1993. Apart from intensive personal support, products that require such extensive engineering, such individual planning and such technical know-how need a name with which the customer can identify this comprehensive range of products and services, and so the company name became the brand name: Zubler.

New ideas and technologies for aids and materials for product support are developed in the company’s own application laboratory. Practical implementation enables the manufacture of dental prostheses of ever higher quality with little expenditure of time and materials.

Today, the total manufacturing is made up of 85% dental technology production and 15% industrial production. Contact with the dental market shows Zubler where improvements and actions are necessary. Through our work in the industry, valuable ideas and suggestions can be incorporated into the dental field.

The company has long since become one of the market leaders in the industry. Zubler has established itself all over the world in the fields of suction systems for dental laboratories and ceramic furnaces for dental ceramics. In the USA in particular the suction system specialist has long since made a name for itself and intends to strengthen its good market position still further in the near future.

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